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Bathroom and toilet doors

Doors to the toilet and bath are an important component to ensure a comfortable living environment in an apartment or house. This is a necessary component in the repair. It does not matter whether cosmetic or major repairs are made. If the doors have lost their presentation or there are any defects, it is better to change them. This will allow you to completely update the design of the bathroom, or simply update the existing one.

Двери в туалет и ванну купить недорого в Москве

Why do I need bathroom doors?

Interior doors for the bathroom and toilet are necessary for every home. This allows you to feel comfortable, and also gives a number of other advantages:

  • Comfort. First of all, it is worth noting this feature, as it provides privacy. It does not matter what a person does in the bathroom: taking a shower or taking care of himself, this is an important and intimate moment that should not be neglected. It is in the bathroom that many people find the opportunity to devote a little time to themselves.
  • Separation of space. For some rooms, it is possible to neglect the installation of interior doors. The kitchen or living room may not have a door installed. This may occur due to the peculiarities of the layout of the apartment or house. In this case, there is no need to install a door, but the bathroom should be separated. The most striking example is the lack of aesthetics. The bathroom contains a lot of personal items that guests or visitors should not see when passing by. It is necessary to separate the space of the rest of the apartment or house from the bathroom.
  • Waterproofing. Moisture-proof doors for the bathroom and toilet will be a great option, as the bathroom is a place where a large amount of moisture is collected. Due to the constant opening of the taps and the presence of water in the open access in the toilet, the room is in a constant increase in humidity. That is why it is worth separating the bathroom from the rest of the apartment. Also, doors are necessary in the event that there is no spread of chemicals that are used in the bathroom.

Влагостойкие двери для ванной и туалета от Мариам

Why choose our company

Our company is engaged in a full cycle of production of interior doors, which allows us to speak about the high quality of products and modern manufacturing technologies, which we follow at every stage of production.

Our company has its own production facilities in the Moscow region. At the same time, thanks to a wide dealer network, you can place an order from anywhere in Russia, ordering doors wholesale or retail. In this case, the order will be delivered on the territory of the Moscow region within a day, in the rest of Russia, delivery is carried out from three days.

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We will also select the necessary additional services for you: transportation, demolition of old doors and installation of new ones.

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Pub date: 2021.02.15