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Doors polypropylene

Techno 700 Nanotex

Techno 800 Nanotex

Interior doors catalog of models of the factory «MariaM»

Buy interior doors, the catalog of which is on our website, is possible at a lower price. In the catalog of our project there are more than a thousand models of various doors. From such a wide variety, you will definitely be able to find the option you need for the price and design.

What should the choice depend on?

Before deciding on the purchase of a model of interior doors, it is necessary to clearly determine for yourself several factors on which the choice will depend:

  • The material from which the doors are made. 
  • Weight and dimensions of the door structure. 
  • Design features of the door and the method of opening them. 
  • Appearance, style, finish, and color characteristics. 
  • The way the door reduces the noise level.

PVC Doors

PVC doors are a safe material, which is often used in production. Our company began to use modern technologies in the production of interior doors from the very opening. Such doors have many positive qualities. Among the main quality is versatility – this material is used in a variety of products. PVC is also a good option because of its strength and resistance to spontaneous destruction of metals. That is, PVC reduces the possibility of destruction of the thermoplastic material on the pipeline.

Also a good option in production is this material because of the availability. What is worth noting is that such doors are thermally insulated. This allows you to reduce heat loss and maintain the temperature in the room during air conditioning.

Veneered doors

Such doors are one of the best options for installing doors in various places: cafes, hotels, apartments and houses, as well as in offices. The doors are made of natural wood, which is covered with MDF. The top of the door is covered with natural veneer.

Veneer is a woody material that looks like a thin sheet of wood. This door will look stylish and perfectly complement the interior design.

Profile doors

To create a collection of profile doors, our Italian partners took part in the development and creation. This made it possible to create beautiful doors with the best characteristics.

Among the most "delicious" properties of our products:

  • High quality of manufactured products.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Modern design.
  • High quality characteristics.


Doors created with eco-veneer lining material, made on the basis of 3D.
This door has a high resistance to temperature and humidity. Such doors also have a high resistance to mechanical stress. One of the important aspects is the ability to wash such doors, and from this they do not change color over time.

Techno 700-PVC 

They have the same characteristics, but have differences that you can notice by viewing the catalog on the site.

According to the same principle, the collection of eco-fabrics was created using the latest material. Interior doors website catalog can be viewed and get acquainted with the full list of products of the company.