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PVC Doors

Interior doors with PVS coating

PVC coating for doors – what is it? This question worries many who are going to change the doors in the apartment for new ones. This type of products currently occupies one of the leading positions in the market. This popularity is due to good operational and aesthetic characteristics.

Production technology

The MariaM factory was one of the first in Russia to open a workshop for the production of PVC interior doors. Thanks to our own developments and modern technologies, we manage to maintain the quality of our products at the European level.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a polymer material. It has high strength and is absolutely safe for use in residential areas. Interior doors can be made of PVC profile or MDF with polyvinyl chloride coating. They differ from each other in design features and appearance.

Характеристики дверей PVC

PVC doors are standard interior doors lined with polymer film. It is she who improves the operational and decorative characteristics of the frame. The canvas is made of a single bar and several sheets of MDF. The inner surface of the product is filled with cellular sealing materials.

The PVC coating is applied on special machines. The canvas is completely cleaned of the slightest dirt and must be degreased. Then it is placed in a special chamber and heated. The polymer in the softened state can take any form. The film is fixed on the frame under high pressure, which eliminates its peeling during operation.

Main characteristics of PVC doors

According to many characteristics, polyvinyl chloride doors are superior to other products. Among the technical parameters, we can distinguish:

  • increased strength – the structure copes well with mechanical damage, impacts and is able to withstand high loads;
  • moisture resistance - the coating of the doors prevents the penetration of liquid into the internal pores and eliminates the likelihood of condensation;
  • UV and temperature resistance-PVC door is not subject to deformation when changing the temperature regime, and also does not burn out when directly exposed to sunlight;
  • antibacterial properties-the treatment of the canvas with protective compounds prevents the proliferation of bacteria, the material also copes well with fungi and mold;
  • fire safety – polyvinyl chloride structures can withstand high temperatures for a long time, including fire;
  • safety – even when heated, PVC does not emit toxic and harmful substances.

All the characteristics described above are applicable only to products made of high-quality raw materials. That is why the factory "MariaM" provides a guarantee for each released door.

Преимущества компании Мариам

Advantages of PVC doors

The main advantages of PVC doors come from the characteristics described above. Additionally, it is worth mentioning:

  • collapsible design – damaged door parts can be easily replaced;
  • easy removal of small scratches;
  • imitation of almost any known coating;
  • easy maintenance and cleaning;
  • low price;
  • long service life.

Design options

The technologies used by the MariaM factory make it possible to increase the number of colors and design of door panels annually. The coating can be either neutral and monophonic, or bright. As an addition, the doors are decorated with glass inserts, panels, smooth curves and 3D elements. The polymer coating allows you to ensure a tight fit of all parts, regardless of the complexity of textures and shapes.

You can get acquainted with the available models in our catalog. If you still have questions, leave your contacts or contact us using the contacts listed on the website. We will also be glad to see you in our stores and retail outlets of the official dealers of the factory.