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High-quality interior doors from the manufacturer

Our company "MariaM" provides interior doors from the manufacturer. We have our own factory, which allows us to produce the best quality doors.

For 22 years, the company has maintained its position and shows how highly qualified it is. This is proved by the large number of certificates and the number of models and orders that are produced annually.

Our company provides an opportunity to buy interior doors wholesale, the official website on which the full list of products at the best prices is presented.

Why choose us?

The company has been engaged in the production of interior doors for a long time. It is thanks to many factors of production that the company produces high-quality doors.

The company also has other advantages that are possible due to the purchase of doors in bulk from the manufacturer:

The use of high-quality raw materials. Guarantees high quality of the manufactured products.
Use of modern machine tools. They allow us to improve production and work at the level of top European companies.
Full production cycle. Guarantees the production of a high-quality product. Each employee at the production site monitors the order fulfillment standards and the quality characteristics of the doors.
Perfect quality. This was made possible by the use of modern machines and the tracking of the entire production cycle. The company employs only highly qualified employees who monitor the implementation of European standards.
Accessories and accessories. We also monitor the quality of additional materials. These are handles, locks, hinges, closers, and more.
Environmental friendliness of materials. The materials used are safe to use in your home, and are also made from eco-friendly materials.

The factory of interior doors allows you to make all these processes as efficient as possible.

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What we produce

The company provides more than a thousand models of doors. This allows you to choose the most profitable and desirable offers.

Among these, you can choose:

 PVC doors. They are presented in various variations, with glass inserts of various shapes and colors. Different color color and design. You can choose different variations of buying an interior door from the manufacturer cheap.
 Veneered doors. They are presented in various color variations, both natural wood colors, and darker or lighter shades, achieved with the help of various conditions of creation. Also in the door can be glass with a matte variation and pattern, or completely wooden doors.


This is a model range of doors from the manufacturer-from elegant classics that do not go out of fashion, to the avant-garde, which corresponds to modern trends.


  Profile doors. Made in various color variations, they are perfect for offices, thanks to straight lines and frosted glass. The collection is mostly dominated by minimalism, which allows you to install doors of this style in various rooms in a private house of modern style, offices, apartments, hotels or cafes.
  Collection of Techno 600-3D. A variety of color solutions, lines with inserted glasses are universal and allow you to install them in various residential and non-residential buildings. 
 Collection 700-Nanotex. The collection has a more extensive selection, but is similar stylistically. Such doors make it possible to install them anywhere. Such inexpensive interior doors from the manufacturer will be an excellent choice for completing repairs. 
 Collection of Polypropylene. Made of high-quality wood. Such doors look expensive and noble. 
 Doors on sale. You can buy interior doors from the manufacturer inexpensively at the sale. This will allow you to save money, while choosing the desired option of similar quality.


Please note that the leading part of the collection is the author's developments.

Exclusive creation allows you to call them real works of art.


Our products are the choice of a larger number of consumers, it is confidence in the quality of products, the use of advanced technologies and low reasonable cost. It is these advantages that have made MariaM a true leader.



Dear customer, The doors from the manufacturer "MariaM" are always open for you, their cost will pleasantly surprise you. You will be able to quickly make a choice in favor of products for your home or office, and specialists will provide qualified and prompt assistance in the development of your business about the sale of doors in bulk in any region of Russia. We value each of our customers and create the best conditions for long-term cooperation. For dealers and legal entities and individuals engaged in wholesale purchases, we offer special conditions for creating mutually beneficial partnerships.



MariaM presented the new Profilo Porte collection at MosBuild 2015 in Expocentre and Mosbuild 2016 in Moscow City!



Dear customer! We declare with full responsibility that certain models of our product range are the intellectual property of MariaM LLC» and certified by all regulatory documents.

Our company values its reputation and in order to distinguish the exclusivity of its products from counterfeit analogues, puts its distinctive sign on the edge of the doors.




MariaM - Time-tested quality