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Information for dealers, sale of interior doors wholesale

Our company is open to cooperation and offers interior doors to dealers who are confident in our company and want to sell interior doors. We have been in this market for sixteen years and have earned a reputation and recognition. We participate in exhibitions and have many awards. Continuous development and improvement of our products is our advantage.

 Tula   Rostov-on-Don   Krasnodar   Nizhny Novgorod
  Samara   Saint-Petersburg  


You can also buy doors in bulk in the stores of our dealers:

Chain of stores "Dveri-stroy", Astrakhan
doors-stroy. rf
"Legionnaire", Krasnoyarsk, Abakan 
LLC "Center-dverov" g. Rostov-on-Don
DVERNOY g. Irkutsk
Professional equipment for construction projects
TD "Max", Volgograd
Иркутская дверная компания Company "Irkutsk door company" g. Irkutsk
TD "Kursky Dvor", Kursk
Kerama marazzi Kerama marazzi g. Krasnogorsk, Blagoveshchenskaya str., 4a.
Telephone: +7 800 700-69-21
Working hours: from 9-00 to 20-00
TC "Wholesaler", Moscow Krasnodar   TK "Constructor", pav. G 1.17
Address: Moscow, MKAD, 25-th kilometer, vl. 4, p. 1 (Metro: Domodedovo)
Phone number: +7 499 343-06-55, +7 925 041-45-94
Opening hours: 10: 00 -21: 00
Korona LLC, Khasavyurt   IP Sosyan G. S.
Address: Moscow Region, Ramenskoye g, Doninskoe shosse, house No. 1, RTC " Raduga";
Phone: +7 925 468-04-06;
Working hours: from 9-00 to 18-00
StroyCity LLC, Novosibirsk   IP Musaeva S. A.
Address: Reutov, Nikolsky market, line 1 pav. 12;
Phone: +7 926 198-73-37;
Working hours: from 9-00 to 18-00

StroyMir LLC"
Address: Lyubertsy.
Kotelniki metro station,
25 km of Novoryazanskoe highway, 
Stroymarket market, pav. 111G 
Phone: 8-915-00-21-544,
+7 925 500-94-29,
+7 926 140-86-08;
Opening hours: from 9.00 to 18.00.

Your square meter
Address: Kostroma. Galichskaya str., 108;
Phone: +7 494 249-35-46;
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8: 00-21: 00.


What we can offer dealers

Thanks to the well-established production, we really have something to offer our partners and customers. Becoming a dealer of interior doors from the manufacturer will give you the opportunity to develop and keep up with the times in the field of interior doors. You will become an ace in this business and will sell products of a well-known brand, which will always attract customers.

In cooperation with us, you can get a ready-made brand that is in demand. This is possible at the expense of consumer confidence. They trust the high quality of our interior doors and their environmental friendliness.

We assure you that in 22 years of working with MariaM, not one of our clients has been disappointed with us. We are Waiting for You! 

We will arrange delivery to you throughout Russia, which will allow you not to worry about delivery or spend money on additional transport costs or look for opportunities to deliver interior doors to the place you need.

The advantage can also be considered that the interior doors of the official dealer will receive not only a high-quality product, but also for a low price. We are engaged in a full cycle of production of interior doors, which allows you to create high-quality products at a low price. 

Doors can be ordered in bulk, which will allow you not to make several retail orders and pay many times. At the same time, you can pay for the order in cash at the nearest dealer's store, in the office, or make a non-cash payment. This makes it easier to pay and allows you not to deal with the order for a long time.

Also, you do not need to look for additional accessories to order, as all doors are additionally equipped with the necessary materials: platbands, accessories and others.

We guarantee the quality, and that is why you can return the order or make an exchange. Also, all products of the company are guaranteed for a period of twelve months.

Why is it profitable to work with us?

Our products are in demand due to a number of factors:

We use high-quality raw materials.
The use of state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees high quality and production at the level of top European enterprises.
Thanks to materials and technologies, we create a great product.
We provide additional components that can be useful in interior doors.
We have a full production cycle. We monitor every stage of creating interior doors, and this additionally guarantees compliance with the standards and quality characteristics.
All materials used in the production are safe and eco-friendly. This allows us to guarantee the safety of our products.
A wide range of interior doors. Allows you to collect an order depending on the preferences of your region and the demand in your territory.
Italian technology and design make interior doors unusual and eye-catching.

We care about our customers and this is our main advantage.

What you need to become our dealer

Interior doors anyone can become a dealer for our company. We offer a flexible pricing policy that will suit you and an individual approach to each order. This allows you to stay with us for a long time, because we will always find a way out of these situations and take into account the preferences of our dealers and customers.

We can help you promote your business in your region, provide a huge selection of products. All this is possible thanks to the loyal attitude to our customers, because we value not only the quality of our products, but also business relationships.

The company also delves into your preferences, the specifics of the region and business. We take into account all the details and subtleties when starting a cooperation. This is necessary in order to know in advance your needs and possible subtleties in solving problems in the future. Interior doors for the dealer from the company "MariaM" are the best solution when working in the field of doors.