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Doors polypropylene

The market of interior doors is constantly updated with new models that differ not only in design, but also in materials. Doors made of polypropylene have recently become very popular. They have high performance characteristics and an affordable price. Products made of this material are also presented in the catalog of the MariaM factory.

What is Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a relatively new material in the furniture industry. It has an artificial origin, and it is based on a polypropylene film. Actually, this is why polypropylene doors are often called laminated. Polypropylene completely imitates the structure of natural wood. The production technology involves gluing thin wood fibers that have previously passed the staining procedure. This approach allows you to neutralize the difference in tonality and reproduce an exact copy of the drawing of absolutely any breed.

Структура дверей из экошпона

This material is an analogue of natural veneer and, in terms of external characteristics, is not inferior to it in any way. At the same time, doors made of polypropylene are inexpensive. Only specialists can visually distinguish them from products made of natural veneer.

The production of artificial veneer is carried out on double-tape presses, and wood fibers obtained from waste are used as raw materials. The output is a thin sheet of material with excellent physical and aesthetic characteristics. This material is used mainly in the furniture and door industry.

Interior doors of the collection "Polypropylene" from the factory "MariaM"

Doors "Polypropylene" from the manufacturer "MariaM" are made of MDF frame with a honeycomb filler, covered with polypropylene on top.

Doors made of this material have a lot of advantages:

  • attractive appearance-polypropylene completely imitates the texture of natural wood, so that the doors look spectacular and perfectly fit into the composition of any interior;
  • resistance to direct sunlight, despite the fact that interior doors are installed in rooms, they are also affected by ultraviolet light penetrating through window openings;
  • no harmful substances – all materials used in the production process are absolutely safe and do not emit unpleasant and dangerous odors;
  • resistance to thermal effects-polypropylene and MDF are practically not subject to deformation when exposed to high temperatures, therefore, throughout the entire operation process, they do not change their linear dimensions;
  • moisture resistance-polypropylene reliably protects the door structure from moisture penetration;
  • mechanical resistance-the doors perfectly cope with a large number of opening and closing cycles;
  • cost-effectiveness-doors "Polypropylene" have an affordable price, they are much cheaper, not only from products made of solid wood, but also from veneered structures.

Преимущества дверей из экошпона
Where to buy doors

The doors are available in Moscow and other regions of Russia, where there are representative offices of the MariaM factory. We are constantly increasing the number of models presented and our dealer network to meet the needs of each client. All products offered in the catalog are covered by the warranty. Also, all models are equipped with proven and high-quality accessories from well-known manufacturers.

It is worth noting that despite the fact that interior doors have an affordable price, we also hold a large number of promotions, which makes the purchase even more profitable.