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Exclusive and elite interior doors

How to choose doors

You can easily buy elite interior doors by ordering them on the website wholesale and retail, the main thing is to choose the right doors. To do this, you should determine the parameters:

  • Weight and size of the door structure. It depends on how the door will look in an apartment or house, as well as how easy it will be to open or close. 
  • The design features of the door that will suit exactly your design and the way they are opened for convenience. 
  • The material from which the doors are made. 
  • Appearance, styling, door trim. As well as color characteristics that will suit your design. 
  • The ability of the door to lower the noise level. Resist moisture and other technical characteristics that are necessary in certain work or life conditions. 
  • Pricing policy that suits you.

All this makes it possible to choose the option that you need from a variety of options. Among a large number of design variations and color solutions, exclusive interior doors can be selected on our website or from dealers who are located in many cities of the country.

Купить элитные межкомнатные двери дешево в Москве

Why choose us

Our company MARIAM has been a leader in the market of interior doors for a long time. This is possible due to the high level of quality of our products. We produce products in our factory. It necessarily goes through a full cycle of manufacturing and quality control.

At each stage of production, we control the quality of products and monitor the progress of the creation of each model. This allows us to maintain a high level of manufactured products while preserving the production time.

Despite the fact that we have only one factory for the production of doors, this does not allow us to reduce the number of manufactured products or work at the expense of quality. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, elite interior doors are produced on time and do not require a large amount of space or several factories.

It is thanks to these qualities that we have more than twenty awards for participation in exhibitions, diplomas and certificates indicating the high quality of our products.

Our factory is located in the Moscow region, but the products are delivered throughout Russia. Delivery in the Moscow region takes one day, delivery to other regions will take from three days.

We are growing, and our company's products are sold in more regions. Shops open in different regions and you have the opportunity to order elite interior doors in Moscow and in all major regions of the country.

We have about a thousand models of interior doors that are made of environmentally friendly materials. This allows us to say that the doors will be safe for both adults and children.

Also, such doors are more resistant to changes during operation and will remain in the primary form for a longer time.

Pub date: 2021.02.15