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PSC Classic Series

Profile door factory Profilo Porte collection

The company "MariaM" has developed and is engaged in the production of an exclusive collection of profile doors "Profilo Porte" (Profilo Porte), in the development of which Italian partners participated. The best materials are used in the production, which combine high quality, competitive prices, quality and solidity, and the modern design of products will attract the eyes of any buyer.

Interior king door of the PSC series with a matte finish. The door belongs to the interior doors of the Art Nouveau style. 

The use of frameless technology when wrapping the door leaf posts 360°, as well as collapsible construction, increased noise insulation, environmentally friendly raw materials, resistance to humidity up to 60%, ease of installation, the possibility of ordering non-standard sizes, compatibility with all opening systems, telescopic door mouldings with a seal on the door frames to soften the adhesion to the door to the canvas, an improved finishing element of a flat shape with two longitudinal grooves on both sides, which allows you to dissolve the finishing and use both parts.

King doors are doors in which there is a decorative frame that forms a door leaf having an alternation of blind inserts and glasses of different shapes. The coating of the door leaf is eco-veneer with a relief texture. Eco-veneer is UV-resistant and does not fade from sunlight, as well as resistant to mechanical damage. It is absolutely environmentally safe and does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. The design of the door leaf is very durable. This is achieved through the use of solid pine timber plus MDF in the main door structure. A distinctive feature of the king doors is that the door leaf has a collapsible design. If any part of the door leaf is damaged, it is enough to replace only the element that is damaged.