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Interior doors from the manufacturer

The capital company "MariaM" is engaged in the production and sale of interior swing doors wholesale and retail. For more than 10 years of work, we have accumulated considerable experience, thanks to which we can offer customers a wide range of a wide variety of models, including cheap interior doors. In terms of quality, they are not inferior to expensive models and at the same time have an original design – from classic to modern. With the company "MariaM" to buy interior doors cheap has become very simple: just go to our online store or retail store in Moscow.


Our company has its own factory in the Moscow region. This allows us to supply the capital market with really inexpensive interior doors from the manufacturer without extra charges from dealer firms.

In addition, we independently regulate the pricing policy and always try to provide the most favorable conditions for both retail and wholesale customers.



The company "MariaM" is fully responsible for the quality of its products.

All models, including cheap interior doors, are certified and have an effective quality control system in production.

In addition, the process is monitored by qualified and experienced specialists.

We will produce interior doors inexpensively and in a short time thanks to high-tech modern equipment.

Our products will delight you with their aesthetics and durability in operation.


Cheap interior doors from the manufacturer "MariaM" are a variety of different models, some of which are the author's work. They are made of pine wood – an environmentally friendly and durable material. This ensures the durability of the products and their resistance to rot, cracking and other adverse processes. Cheap interior doors can be blind or glazed-the choice of design depends on your desire. In addition, we offer a wide range of colors for any interior, both classic and modern.

Sale of interior doors

Cheap interior doors can also be bought on sale. The company "MariaM" periodically conducts special promotions, thanks to which customers can buy cheap interior doors and significantly save on repairs. In our factory, such products do not belong to a defective or stale product, so you can not worry about their quality.

Follow the information about the sale of interior doors on our website and save wisely.

Pub date: 2021.05.31