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How to find cheap doors in Moscow stores

The choice of interior doors on the market is huge, especially if we talk about Moscow, where there are representative offices of almost all manufacturers represented in Russia. At the same time, finding high-quality cheap doors wholesale and retail is not an easy task. How not to become a victim of unscrupulous sellers and make the most profitable purchase?

Types of interior doors

In most cases, buyers are guided primarily by the appearance of the door leaf and are little interested in the manufacturing technology and materials used. Of course, the design also matters, but it is important to consider the "technical" side. What is the point of buying beautiful doors if they do not survive a year of active operation.

Дешевые двери оптом в Москве

Main characteristics of door panels:

  1. Construction. The most popular are the classic swing doors. They can have an all-mass web, a tsargovoe or profile. The first is characterized by a high price, so in the context of cheap doors, they should not be considered. As for the rest, the build quality plays a big role here. The entire structure must be monolithic.
  2. Production technology. Budget doors are often finished with natural or artificial veneer, as well as polymer film. When examining the canvas, special attention should be paid to the joints – any cracks or overlays are simply unacceptable.
  3. Hardware. The quality of the fittings is also of great importance. Some budget models are sold without it at all. But as practice shows, even with high-quality fittings, you can buy fairly cheap doors. Manufacturers usually buy components in bulk, which is reflected in the final price.

Interior Door Manufacturers

At the moment, the most popular products are made by manufacturers from 4 countries:

  • Israel;
  • Finland;
  • Belarus;
  • Russia.

Дешевые межкомнатные двери в Москве

Israel, first of all, is known for high-quality entrance doors, but nevertheless, there are also interior doors in the assortment of manufacturers from this country. At the same time, they can not be attributed to the budget. More affordable in the context of the price can be called Finnish interior doors. Their wholesale and retail sales in Moscow are mainly carried out through intermediary stores. Finns are known for their ability to work with wood. However, they produce mostly laconic and simple models, presented in natural white and light colors. Not every interior is suitable for such products.

Manufacturers from Belarus for the domestic buyer have long been synonymous with quality. Belarusian factories produce reliable and inexpensive canvases with a large selection of design solutions. It is with manufacturers from this country in the context of price-quality that you can supply products of Russian companies that can boast of a wide variety of collections.

How and where to buy cheap interior doors

Summing up the results of the two previous sections, we can say that the most high-quality and cheap are veneered and laminated door panels of Russian manufacturers. Where and how can you buy them profitably in Moscow? The lowest prices can only be counted on in the retail outlets of the factories themselves or their authorized dealers. In all other cases, the prices will be higher, since it is unlikely that the intermediary will set the price below the purchase price.

Преимущества дверей от производителя Мариам в Москве

The most profitable way to buy can be called wholesale. You can find retail outlets that provide favorable conditions for the purchase of a large batch by searching for "Buy doors wholesale in Moscow". Accordingly, the greater the number of similar door panels purchased, the more significant the discount. Moreover, you can buy wholesale doors, both from the manufacturer and its dealers. The difference in price will be insignificant.

The second option to save money is promotions and sales. Traditionally, discounts on certain items are placed by stores on the remaining goods. However, factories also sell old collections in this way, in order to free up space in the warehouse for new ones.

The MariaM factory also sells its interior doors not only in retail, but also in wholesale. At the same time, you can count on a discount already when buying at least a few products. On the manufacturer's website there is a separate section "Sale", where high-quality door panels are presented at very attractive prices. You can order doors in Moscow from the factory via the Internet, or in one of the stores. All contacts can be found on the website. It should be noted that turning to any store in the network, the doors in bulk, as well as individual orders, will be delivered on time with a quality guarantee.

Pub date: 2021.06.01