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Ways to update doors

If you have free time and desire, you do not need to spend extra money to fulfill the idea of updating interior doors to your taste. It is quite easy to do this, no more difficult than to put wallpaper on the walls.

Types of door finishes

Before you start updating interior doors, you need to decide which doors you would like to see, i.e. choose the method of updating. After this task is completed, you should prepare the door for further work. It should be removed from the hinges and thoroughly washed, if it was painted-clean from the old paint. It is recommended to rub cracks and crevices with putty, and small irregularities can be covered with glue.

обновление дверей

There are several ways to update the doors. Here are some of them:

  • paint job;
  • varnish coating;
  • mortification;
  • veneer finish;
  • decoupage;
  • craquelure technique.

Painting is the simplest and most common method of finishing. The choice of paints in stores is very wide, so there is no special explanation is not necessary.

Finishing with varnish is also a rather uncomplicated way to update the door. The varnish can be applied transparent, and you can – tinted. The coating is carried out with a brush or roller in two layers.

Staining of interior doors

Before applying a layer of varnish, you can paint the surface of the door to give it a certain tone. In this case, the color of the door will change, and the varnish will give shine. If the varnish is sanded, then the gloss will not be, and the door will become matte.

Veneer finish

If the door was made of wood-chipboard or wood-fiber board, then to give it a beautiful expensive and elegant look under natural wood, cover the canvas with veneer. Before starting work, the surface of the door must be well sanded. The veneer sticker is applied diagonally or across the door.

Decoupage is a method of decoration, in which several layers of varnish are applied on top of the pattern pasted on the product. For decoupage, special napkins and cards are used, which are sold in the departments for creativity. And you can draw a picture yourself or translate a photo or any drawing, and then cover the image with varnish. Instead of decoupage drawings, you can cover the doors with vinyl stickers. There is nothing easier than to buy such stickers, carefully cut to the size of the door and stick it on, removing the bottom layer. After smoothing with a napkin (in order to avoid bumps and bumps), you just need to remove the top film. To make it easier to remove, you can warm up with a household hair dryer.

обновление межкомнатных дверей

Craquelure is a technique for aging the surface of a door. The main material for it is a craquelure varnish, it can be one - or two-component. Decorative paint and protective varnish may also be required. But you can do without expensive components, but only with home remedies: PVA glue, acetic acid, gelatin, and methods of performing the technique can be found in specialized publications.

The updated door with the old slopes and the opening will not look, of course, will not. Therefore, in the same way as the door itself was finished, you need to process these details.

Pub date: 2021.06.01