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Prices for interior doors wholesale

Interior doors are the final chord in the design of the room. They are able to effectively complement both new and newly renovated premises. Today, the choice of door panels is represented by a wide variety, characterized by reliability, quality, materials of execution and appearance. The price is also of great importance, so almost everyone is looking for the most favorable offers.

In addition to traditional sales, wholesale is an essential way to optimize your budget. The price of the door wholesale is much cheaper than when buying at retail. Wholesale, in fact, is an intermediate link between the manufacturer and retail. 

Цены на двери оптом

What determines the wholesale prices for interior doors

The price of a door wholesale from the manufacturer is directly related to the number of units that a trading, construction company or an individual buys. Accordingly, the larger the batch, the more significant the discount. It is profitable for the manufacturer to sell as many canvases as possible for the following reasons:

  • an increase in turnover, due to which the factory receives a greater profit than when selling a much smaller quantity, but at a higher price;
  • the growth of market coverage and brand awareness.

The second factor affecting the discount amount is the type of cooperation, or rather its constancy. For example, brand dealers can count on more loyal conditions, since they purchase interior doors regularly, and also, in fact, are representatives of the manufacturer in a particular region. Next in line are construction companies, which can also purchase large batches on a permanent basis, but not with the same frequency. For individuals who decide to buy interior doors in bulk, the price will be higher than for the described categories, since in fact their purchase is of a one-time nature, but even in this case the doors will cost less than retail.

Where to buy doors wholesale

The place of purchase also plays a big role in the price of doors wholesale. The lowest discount will be when buying in a retail network or an online store that does not directly cooperate with the factory. Often, such products have already passed through several intermediaries who have added their mark-up to the cost of the product. If you purchase 3-4 doors, then the store can slightly reduce the price, which, of course, looks more attractive than the standard retail price. However, you should be careful and ask sellers for quality certificates and documents for the origin of products, the availability of a guarantee is also mandatory. The fact is that under the guise of a certain brand, cheaper door panels with an appropriate level of quality can be sold.

От чего зависят оптовые цены

Accordingly, the biggest discount can be obtained from authorized dealers and the manufacturer. Where it is more profitable is a moot point. The fact is that dealers have special privileges at factories, so they get interior doors wholesale at prices not much higher than the cost price. Sometimes their price tag for a small wholesale buyer may even be slightly lower than that of the manufacturer. Here again, everything is determined by the volume of purchases, as well as the distance from the place of production. The further, the more profitable it is to buy from a dealer, so the delivery price will be lower again because of the volumes.

Prices for doors wholesale from the factory "Mariam"

The factory of interior doors "Mariam" offers a large variety of door panels made according to European technologies. The company has many awards, and its products are marked with quality certificates and meet all state standards. Interior doors "Mariam", first of all, are focused on the budget and middle segment, while all the canvases are made in such a way as to last as long as possible without loss of quality.

The factory carries out both retail sales (prices can be found in the catalog) and wholesale. A separate price list is provided for wholesalers, and separate conditions apply for large buyers. You can order doors in bulk directly, or from official dealers, which are currently represented in Moscow and the region, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Belgorod, Irkutsk and more than 20 cities of Russia. The network of representative offices is increasing every year.

Преимущества покупки дверей оптом

Regardless of the volume of the wholesale batch, all interior doors are supplied fully equipped with mounting systems, platbands and fittings from leading manufacturers.

To find out about the prices of doors wholesale in your region, you can request a "Price list" in the "Where to buy" section. Interior doors "Mariam" are the best solution for those who appreciate laconic design, high-quality materials and assembly, want to get products that are guaranteed to last for many years and do not want to overpay for brand hype and imaginary exclusivity.

Pub date: 2021.06.01