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What cheap doors to choose in the bathroom and toilet

The bathroom and toilet are specific rooms in a house or apartment. They are small in size and high humidity, so the choice of doors requires a special approach. Almost every buyer is looking for, first of all, inexpensive doors to the bathroom and toilet, but at the same time wants to get a beautiful and durable canvas that will last for more than one year. The main parameters that you should pay attention to in order to make the right choice include the type of material and filler, the method of opening, the aesthetic component and accessories.

Covering of doors for bathrooms

For large bathrooms with a closed shower and the presence of a significant space between the washbasin, bidet, toilet and bath, the choice of coating is almost unlimited. Water splashes are unlikely to reach the door. In small rooms, where the door leaf is located closely and is constantly exposed to moisture, the method of finishing and materials play a more significant role.

Weak points of doors:

  • the presence of a leaky joint between the web and the edge-occurs due to poor-quality finishing;
  • unprotected lower and upper end of the door – not all manufacturers cover these areas with protective material, direct contact with moisture can negatively affect the service life and performance.

Недорогие двери для ванной и туалета от Мариам

Types of coatings

Today you can buy an inexpensive door to the toilet or bathroom with the following finishing:

  1. Laminate is a paper treated with special resins. According to the manufacturers, laminate-covered canvases can be used in rooms with a humidity level of no more than 60 percent. High-quality laminate is characterized by high wear resistance, but unscrupulous factories use low-quality material in attempts to save money. As a result, the thin-layer coating is easily damaged, moisture gets inside and the laminate swells.
  2. Polyvinyl chloride film. It is usually applied to a frame made of wood or MFD. Thanks to its special structure, the film easily copes with the effects of moisture. If the product is made of high quality and all technological requirements have been met, then this design can last from 5 to 10 years. When choosing which doors for a toilet or bathroom to buy, PVC doors are one of the best options in terms of price-quality ratio.
  3. Ecoshpon. This is another material that is similar in its characteristics to plastic, but it is made using a slightly different technology. It consists of real door fibers that bind together with the help of a special plasticizer. Eco-veneer doors not only have a natural texture and are impervious to moisture, but are also hippo-allergenic.
  4. Veneer. Veneered doors are quite a rare "guest" in rooms with a high level of humidity. Of course, such canvases can be finished with enamel or varnish, but still this does not give a 100% guarantee of protection from moisture. It is better to use veneer products in ordinary rooms.

Варианты отделки дверей для ванны и туалета

Opening methods

According to the method of opening, the most popular solutions are swing and sliding. For bathrooms and toilets, the first ones are best suited. They assume the presence of thresholds, which has a positive effect on sound insulation. The disadvantages include the need for free space for opening, but this problem can be solved thanks to competent planning.

With the help of sliding structures, you can save a little space, but for the toilet and bathroom, they are not the best option. Such doors always have cracks, and for bathrooms, heat and sound insulation is one of the main parameters.

Design and fittings

The interior door market is replete with the number of available models. The choice of design depends on your personal taste and the interior design used. The canvas should not look like a "white crow". With the help of well-chosen shapes, colors and accessories, you can emphasize the features of a particular room and make it aesthetically complete.

Many reliable manufacturers supply fabrics with already selected accessories. The MariaM factory is no exception. The manufacturer buys components only from well-known companies that guarantee quality and reliability. The factory offers to buy doors to the bathroom and toilet cheap with home delivery. You can get acquainted with the catalog on the website, or come to one of the brand's branded stores.

Pub date: 2021.06.01