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Sizes: 1900x600, 2000x700

TECHNO 600-3D series

The range of the factory of interior doors "Mariam" is represented by a large selection of models. The catalog offers products of various trends, styles, made of various and high-quality materials. Interior doors are an indispensable element of any house or apartment. They provide the proper level of comfort and coziness, and also allow you to improve the insulation and divide the housing into different zones.

The factory tries to constantly monitor market trends and achievements in the industry, so new models made of modern materials regularly appear in the assortment. This section presents interior doors Eco-veneer from the manufacturer with a 3D effect. They are made of reliable and durable profile cloths and are covered with special polypropylene films that give the product a volumetric effect.

Polypropylene is an environmentally friendly material. It is used in a variety of industries – the production of water pipes, plastic utensils, medical equipment, etc. Polypropylene has excellent performance characteristics and low cost. That is why it is possible to buy interior doors Ekoshpon inexpensively, while receiving a high-quality product.

The texture of the polypropylene film almost exactly repeats the color and texture of precious wood. It is very difficult to visually distinguish this material from natural veneer, expensive solid wood or fine-line. Also, this coating allows you to manufacture products with the same appearance, providing the opportunity to install several identical doors in the room at once.

The main operational advantages of doors made of eco-veneer 3D

Despite the fact that Ecoshpon interior doors are cheap, they have excellent characteristics. Ecoshpon 3D was invented relatively recently, but even in such a short period of time, it managed to win recognition not only from manufacturers, but also from buyers. Special processing helps to preserve the rich color and original appearance for 10-15 years. Daily and active use of the door does not lead to cracking and rubbing of the canvas.

Among other advantages that allow you to understand why the interior doors of Ekoshpon to buy in Moscow is the right solution, you can highlight:

  • affordable price;
  • absolute safety for the environment, the health of pets and humans;
  • absence of toxic and harmful substances in the composition;
  • eco-veneer doors can be used not only in hallways and office spaces, but also in bedrooms, children's rooms;
  • high tightness-the polymer coating reliably protects the door leaf from moisture, so that it can be installed even in the bathroom and in the kitchen;
  • imitation of any kind of wood;
  • resistance to deformations and temperature changes.

This coating is less dense compared to the coating of the TECHNO 700-Nanotex series doors, it also has:

higher resistance to temperature and high humidity;
resistant to mechanical impact (scratches, chips), easy to clean;
it does not lose its color over time.

The advantage of buying interior doors of the factory "MariaM"

Our company has been working on the market for many years and has extensive experience in the production of door structures for residential, commercial and working premises. The factory has modern equipment and its own production and storage facilities, which allow you to sell interior doors Ekoshpon in Moscow inexpensively. All raw materials and components are purchased only from trusted suppliers with quality certificates.

The factory "Mariam" provides a guarantee for each released door. We do not cooperate with intermediaries. The main region where our Ecoshpon interior doors are sold is Moscow. The factory also has a wide dealer network, represented in many cities of Russia. You can get acquainted with the location of the stores on our website, or by calling the specified contacts.

Doors Techno 600-3D series are lined with a modern material-eco-veneer, made on the basis of 3D.

Techno 600 Color Scheme-3D Series

The 600-3D TECHNO series includes seven models in five colors: wenge, cappuccino, sandalwood beige, almond, gray. The thickness of the canvases is 38mm.

Венге Капучино Сандал бежевый Миндаль Грей
Wenge Cappuccino Beige sandalwood Almonds Warm

Please note that the prices for the TECHNO 600-3D series models are very attractive relative to their analogues present on the market, with higher quality of canvases and mouldings.

Finishing: 602nd series-3D coating


  • Collapsible construction. It is possible to replace damaged parts.
  • Borderless production technology. The problem of peeling the edge is eliminated.
  • The maximum rigidity of the structure allows you to avoid deformation of the canvas under the influence of moisture and temperature changes (standing-LVL timber, panels-MDF).

MDF telescope box with a seal 2070 x 74 x 28 mm.
The platband of the telescope is straight 2150 x 70 x 08 mm.
Dobornaya plank telescope 2070 x 100 x 10 mm.
Dobornaya plank telescope 2070 x 150 x 10 mm.


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