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Sizes: 1900x550, 1900x600, 2000x600, 2000x700, 2000x800, 2000x900

The TECHNO 806 series are king-sized canvases with a Nanotex finish. This series is distinguished by decorative slats near the vertical standing and a combination of glasses, such as ) .

The distinctive features of TECHNO 806 are:

  • a borderless method of assembly: a Nanotex film is covered (wrapped) on each surface of the stand and tsarg separately, they are covered with skin from all sides, as it were. This coating has no joints through which moisture can penetrate, this preserves the internal parts of the door and allows them to maintain their original appearance longer
  • the second is maintainability. In case of mechanical damage, the door design makes it easy to replace the damaged part. TECHNO doors will always delight you with their appearance, even with long-term operation in the apartment, in bathrooms, kitchens


  • Collapsible construction. It is possible to replace damaged parts.
  • Borderless production technology. The problem of peeling the edge is eliminated.
  • The maximum rigidity of the structure allows you to avoid deformation of the canvas under the influence of moisture and temperature changes (standing-LVL timber, panels-MDF).

MDF telescope box with a seal 2070 x 74 x 28 mm.
The platband of the telescope is straight 2150 x 70 x 08 mm.
Dobornaya plank telescope 2070 x 100 x 10 mm.
Dobornaya plank telescope 2070 x 150 x 10 mm.


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