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TECHNO 707 - Nanotex series

Interior doors of the Techno 707-Nanotex series are made of a durable and reliable door leaf covered with a special material-eco-veneer made on the basis of a textured Nanotex. This series of the factory "MariaM" is represented by more than 10 varieties of design, as well as the possibility of selecting color options and the presence or absence of glazing.

The main characteristics of the eco-carpet

Eco-veneer is an artificial material, which is a polypropylene film. It completely imitates the texture of wood, thanks to a special production process – wood fibers are processed with glue, laid on a special film and pressed. The fibers are painted separately, which allows you to achieve maximum identity with the texture of wood of any breed.

The advantages that this material gives, applied to interior doors:

  • the eco-veneer coating has a high resistance to wear, the production technology contributes to the fact that wood fibers are able to cope with various kinds of damage, scratches and heavy loads for a long time;
  • a large selection of color design – eco-veneer is painted with special paints that allow you to recreate almost any unique and original shade;
  • light weight and thickness – the artificial veneer coating is lightweight, they can be easily installed in partitions that are small in width;
  • UV resistance – the material does not fade in the sun and does not tarnish;
  • beautiful texture – the material is pleasant to the touch, thin wood veins are traced on it, it looks like interior doors made of veneer in terms of visual component; 
  • eco-veneer does not contain harmful and toxic substances, is easy to care for, does not crack in dry rooms and can be used in a humid environment.

Dignities Nanotex coatings

PVC is a polyvinyl chloride film. It has a smooth structure, an attractive appearance that allows you to create unique textures or imitate natural ones. The main advantages of this material are:

  • high strength-Nanotex perfectly tolerates significant loads and is resistant to abrasion;
  • smooth surface-minimizes the formation of dirt, which, however, can be easily removed due to the absence of pores;
  • resistance to alcohol, acids, solvents;
  • resistance to high temperatures.

Techno 707 – the perfect balance of characteristics Nanotex and eco-clothing

Doors Nanotex interior has absorbed all the advantages of the materials described above. They have a high density, strength and at the same time can boast of unique aesthetic characteristics. The Techno 707-Nanotex series is ideal for those who appreciate the texture of natural wood, but do not want to overpay. In addition, all the models included in the collection are superior to natural wood products by many criteria. They are less sensitive to the peculiarities of the environment and require minimal maintenance.

In the assortment of the factory "MariaM" you can choose the most suitable interior doors Ekoshpon. The catalog allows you to choose a model in accordance with almost any interior style. You can buy all the products of the collection at any of our retail outlets.


Doors Techno 707 - Nanotex series are lined with a modern material-eco-veneer, made on the basis of textured PVC, an environmentally safe and durable material.

This coating is more dense compared to the coating of the TECHNO 600-3D series doors (eco-veneer based on 3D), has:

higher resistance to temperature and high humidity;
resistant to mechanical impact (scratches, chips), easy to clean;
it does not lose its color over time.

Color scheme Techno 707 - Nanotex series

707 - Nanotex TECHNO series includes seven models in five colors: wenge, cappuccino, sandalwood beige, almond, gray. The thickness of the canvases is 38mm.

Венге Капучино Сандал бежевый Миндаль Грей
Wenge Cappuccino Beige sandalwood Almonds Warm


Please note that the prices for the models Techno 707 - Nanotex series are very attractive relative to analogues present on the market, with higher quality of canvases and mouldings.


  • Collapsible construction. It is possible to replace damaged parts.
  • Borderless production technology. The problem of peeling the edge is eliminated.
  • The maximum rigidity of the structure allows you to avoid deformation of the canvas under the influence of moisture and temperature changes (standing-LVL timber, panels-MDF).

MDF telescope box with a seal 2070 x 74 x 28 mm.
The platband of the telescope is straight 2150 x 70 x 08 mm.
Dobornaya plank telescope 2070 x 100 x 10 mm.
Dobornaya plank telescope 2070 x 150 x 10 mm.


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